BC Wire Rope Products

BC Wire Rope carries rigging and wire rope products from the most reputable vendors in the heavy lifting industry. BC Wire Rope is an Authorized Distributor of products from Crosby, SlingMax, Bridon, and many other wire rope manufacturers. Check out BC Wire Rope & Rigging’s Vendors for a full list of the manufacturers whose products are stocked in BC’s inventory.

Wire Rope Sling Manufacturing

BC Wire Rope manufactures various wire rope slings including Flemish eye slings, tri-flex braided slings, two legged bridles, three legged bridles, and four legged bridles. BC Wire Rope also manufacturers KWIK Products, its own line of synthetic slings. KWIK products manufacturers nylon eye and eye slings, endless flat web slings, twin path high performance fiber slings, polyester round slings, and choker and basket hardware slings. KWIK also manufacturers synthetic lifting products such as specialized sleeve wear protection.

Rigging Hardware

In addition to manufacturing wire rope slings, BC Wire Rope maintains a full inventory of rigging hardware.

Quality – No Compromise

BC Wire Rope is dedicated to providing customers with quality wire rope products and quality customer service. In addition to manufacturing wire rope slings, BC Wire Rope provides customers with wire rope from manufacturers such as Bridon, Union, WireCo, MacWhyte, B&B, and National Strand. The wire rope and slings from these manufacturers can be used in numerous applications such as on cranes, in oilfields, in surface mining and in underground mining. BC Wire Rope can likely accommodate your needs no matter what your particular application.

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Showing 1–12 of 122 results