Continental Western Premium Polyester Rope



Continental Western Polyester Rope is super-low stretch double braid polyester rope. Radial construction provides maximum abrasion resistance for long wear life, reducing any chance of snag, and virtually eliminates the possibility of core herniation. Tops among all popular fibers for weathering characteristics. Excellent abrasion resistance and strength, wet or dry. Continental Western Polyester Rope is designed to withstand UV rays and many common chemicals. High strength, low stretch and torque-free.


  • Holds up better than nylon when exposed to sunlight
  • Less than 1 percent stretch
  • Easy to splice for optimum efficiency
  • Suited for towing and anchor lines

Click here to download or print the Continental Western Premium Polyester Double Braid Rope cut sheet.

Do not exceed the working load limit; read all warning information at prior to operation.