Harrington Universal Beam Clamps



Harrington’s Universal Beam Clamps are used when a temporary or semi-permanent hoist anchor point is required for overhead lifting and vertical rigging applications. Also used as a below-the-hook lifting device these rugged beam clamps provide solutions for holding and positioning beams for construction.

  • Available in 1 through 10 metric rated tons
  • Built in suspension pin for low headroom
  • Lock nut feature to resist loosening
  • Adjustable jaw opening for a wide range of tapered and flat flanged beams
  • Meet ASME BTH-1, ASME B30.20 and comply with portions of ASME B30.16
  • Design factor minimum of 5:1 per ASME B30.16 requirements
  • Optional suspender for perpendicular mounting and oversized hooks

Click here to download or print the Harrington Universal Beam Clamps product sheet.

Do not exceed the working load limit; read all warning information at www.bcwirerope.com/warnings prior to operation.