Campbell Cam-Alloy Chain Slings Triple Type T



Campbell Chain Slings Triple Type T are made from steel chain that is electrically welded alloy steel embodying the latest manufacturing technology. Alloy provides a superior chain sling with high tensile strength and excellent wear resistance. The following chains meet or exceed all existing OSHA, ANSI, ASME, NACM and ASTM specification requirements. The Cam-Alloy chain and attachments used in fabricating Campbell chain slings offer a design factor of 4 to 1. System 8 is Campbell’s trade name for Grade 80 chain. System 10 is Campbell’s trade name for Grade 100 chain.

Alloy chain slings are often selected when operating under high temperatures or rugged conditions that would abrade or destroy other types of slings. They are flexible, durable and long lasting, ductile, easy to inspect, collapsible for convenient storage, and will adhere securely to the contours of a load. Although chain will show little or no stretch at rated capacity, it does have the ability to elongate up to 20% prior to failure. This elongation serves as a visual warning sign prompting users to remove the sling from service before injury or damage is sustained from a broken chain sling.

Perhaps the most advantageous feature of a chain sling is its ability to be repaired. Nearly any damaged component discovered during an inspection can be repaired and restored to useful condition. During the repair process, slings will be refurbished, proof tested and recertified, offering an economical alternative to new chain sling replacements.

Other cam-alloy chain sling configurations can be custom fabricated for your particular application.

Click here to download or print the Campbell Cam-Alloy Chain Slings Triple Type T product cut sheet.

Do not exceed the working load limit; read all warning information at prior to operation.