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7/8″ Crosby Shackle Recall Notice

Crosby has determined that 7/8″ shackles with the Product Numbers below that also contain the Production Identification Code (PIC) 5YH may have a reduced capacity and should be removed from service and replaced.

1019542 7/8” 6.50t S-2130 Shackle
1019533 7/8” 6.50t G-2130 Shackle
1018151 7/8” 6.50t G-213 Shackle
1018160 7/8” 6.50t S-213 Shackle
1018516 7/8” 6.50t G-209 Shackle
1018525 7/8” 6.50t S-209 Shackle

Please see the Crosby 7/8″ Safety Notice for full details.